Lost my special offer


I leveled up to six. A special offer popped up but it wouldn’t let me purchase it. The green button was there and it pressed when I tapped it but did nothing. I restarted thinking my game froze and it’s gone now. I’m on an iPhone 7 Plus, up to date, and have in app purchases active.


Hey Rgage, I am sorry you missed out on purchasing these Special Offers, I can understand how disappointing that must have been. Sadly, these Special Offers will disappear once you leave the game, but there will definitely be more of these offers for you to come in the future.

We recommend our players play the game on a stable connection and have a valid method of payment connected to their store account, so when these offers show up again, they will be able to take advantage of them.

Some players from this thread had a similar experience to yours, and the information from this thread could be helpful to you.

You can find the thread here:


I had a valid method of payment. The bucks did not show until I logged out and in. This is a bad glitch. I lost out on level 5 bonus items. Not cool.