Lost one time offer


This may have been my fault, but I have a credit card hooked up to my Google play account and whenever I buy anything with it I immediately go into my banking app and pay it off. I reached level 10 and went to buy the one time offer thing, so I hit buy then exited out of the app (probably too early) to go to my banking app and pay it off, and when I came back the app had quit and had to re-launch. When it finished booting up it had just gone back to the map and I didn’t get anything. Any help please?


Do you have to pay off a credit card within a minute?
Next time just wait or maybe use a prepaid credit card.
But you could always contact the support by clicking “Support” at the top right, then click “Contact us” (also top right).


I paid for one the other day, like I have done many times before. I used my finger print and it just canceled the offer.


Ah dude that SUCKS - the level 10 one is amazing too! I got mine today.


I can’t imagine spending that much on an app. I would rather just buy a ps4 game for that amount.