Lost Paid and Active VIP For No Reason 🤔



is this some temporary thing that is for whatever reason related to the tournament ending and will be restored shortly? mine doesn’t even renew for 4 more days and i had VIP up until like an hour ago. @Ned @Jorge

Hi, this problem is real, I’m having the same issue! Bump!

Hey there, I have definitely not seen something like this happen before, but our support team would be glad to investigate and come up with a solution. If you could reach out to them at support+forums@ludia.com, we would greatly appreciate it - we would be even more grateful if you could include your support key and any screenshots you might have. Thanks!

Hi there, I also had the issue this morning. I got back my advantages after claiming my purchases back in the parameters (tap on your player level top left of the screen, then select the parameters tab). I hope this helps!

i have VIP back now. i just sent a message though contact support in the game and got it back pretty quickly.

@Chris_A @Ellaed