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Lost Profile

Need some assistance from Lidia Support. Sent the below via email, but have not received a response.

Just logged into my game this afternoon and it seems to have reset and I have lost all my progress. My old support key was -Removed Support Key-, but now it shows -Removed Support Key-. My old screen am was Talyn #8592, but now it’s DragonRider #2019. I do not want to lose my prior progress. Is there something that can be done? Appreciate the guidance.

Appreciate anything that can be done as I do not want to lose everything I’ve achieved so far. A lot of effort has gone into the Talyn profile. Thank you.

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Hey there, TalynTU. I’m sorry your game progress was reset, was your game linked to either a Google Play or Facebook account? If so, please try reconnecting to them in the in-game Settings menu.