Lost progress on the 24th,no help to be had

My game started freezing weeks ago. Completely unstable. On the 24th all my progress went missing. I’ve been emailing since then for help but no response at all. Is anyone at the helm anymore?

You need to message them in game and wait for a response, make sure to include your support key to them.

And only make one message, everytime you create a new message your issue will be brought to the back of the queue. It’s also holiday period so waiting time might be longer.

:crossed_fingers: you get your game back though.


Hey there, jyardog. I’m sorry to hear that our team has not gotten back to your email yet. It might take some extra time for our team to respond during the holidays.

However, please rest assured that our team will try and get back to you ASAP once they get a chance to review your ticket.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.