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Lost rare scent capsule


Hi,just a couple of problems I’ve had… Not happy … Main one I was 2 mins into my first rare scent capsule when you decided to have maintenance on the game and when it came on again I lost everything WHY !!!
Secondly it’s happened a few times now I’ve been winning a battle and I’ve been waiting for my opponent to decide what he’s/she’s are doing and nothing happens for at least 10 minutes and then all of a sudden it’s saying I’ve lost (. How does that work ) they may be a glitch but it’s always me that looses out .
Don’t you follow these sort of problems
Just wandering that’s all .
Maybe I will get my scent capsule back or not but I feel miffed to say the least.


Hey there, @Kevin_Andrews, I’m sorry to hear that you lost a Scent Item due to the maintenance that we had earlier today. Reach out to our support team at in order to give us a chance to make things right.