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Lost Rewards in Mail, Did You Know?


Hey there all,

Did you know if you hold onto rewards too long in your mail the system will delete it? It’s happened to me for season 6 rewards and another alliance member for season 5 rewards.

While this post is not for complaining but rather to inform everyone that after a reward is given it is advisable for you to open it sooner and not hold it for research purposes to see if the dino pool changes on the backend on a weekly basis like someone I know did…lol.

"Upon receiving a mail notification, please collect the items as soon as possible as these items often come with an expiration date" [10-14 days?]

In regards to tournament rewards:

Quick poll to see if this has happened to quite a bit of folks or not:

  • Yes I’ve lost tournament rewards
  • Yes I’ve lost alliance rewards
  • Yes I’ve lost other items that I failed to open in mail such as drone dash/supply drop challenge
  • Yes I’ve lost some things I shouldn’t have

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There should be a timer on the rewards if said expiration does exist because somehow I vaguely remember someone in the past having not opened their tournament rewards for a couple of seasons and I figured I would be safe in doing said research but maybe this is a change.

Thanks for reading!


I lost my Google account once xd


Lost 2 Tapjoy awards, stopped doing tapjoy becuz of it…