Lost strike event due to bug

I was in the final match of the epic strike event this morning with myself and the opponent down by two dinos, and I hit a gorgosaurus with a distracting impact from a full health monolophosaurus, so as long as as there was no critical strike I would of lived and won the match. But the 50 percent reduced damage didn’t register apparently and I was hit with a non critical full damage strike. Its things like this that make me want to uninstall and give a bad review for this game that I’ve put so much time into.

Or it did register, but he used ferocious strike to negate it. I don’t think bots use the basic strike turn 1 when there’s something else available anyways.

It definitely was a Ferocious Strike, since Ferocious negates the Distraction. There was no bug here. Also, Monolophosaurus has Distracting Rampage, unless you were using its Gen 2 variant, which would be dumb.

He used ferocious strike on the previous turn to down my gorgosuchus , he used defense shattering impact on the final turn that was non critical

And excuse me, distracting rampage, not impact

So the DS Strike that knocked your Monolophosaurus was the Gorgosaurus’ third turn, correct?

Correct, am I misunderstanding the damage reducing here? Is it damage reduced for the total attack or does it not affect the damage increase made by the gorgosaurus?

Damage reduction/increase is additive. +50% -50% is just normal damage.

Distraction would decrease damage output by 50%, Ferocious, which lasts for three turns, increases damage output by 50%. This causes them to negate each other, making the damage output as if it has not been altered.

I think the only bug here is the one in my eye that blurred my vision reading the moves mid battle. I appreciate the feedback