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Lost Supply drop

I used to have 5 to 6 supply drop in my area.
Before update 10!
I am down to 4 now and seems like that they are getting out my reach for everyday !
Can I have my 6 supply drops back?
Is there anything you guys can do about this ?

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I’m sorry to hear that, Parsua. Sadly, Supply Drop locations are subject to change or move based on Points of Interest and real-world data information made available by an external provider.

Thank you so much Ned for your kindly answer
Let me wish you a very Merry Christmas
And happy new year in forehand

Well i can understand that the supply drops locations are subject to change,
And if this is the case then all supply drops should move and to me it means that if one supply drops goes out my reach, sooner or later the other one should move in my reach!
Then why is that the supply drops in my reach moving away and nothing comes near?

Thank you

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That’s how they’ve done it since the 1.10 update, take away some supply drops and then move the rest to right outside your reachable perimeter, then give you a generic response since they don’t intend to fix it. Or they’ll ask you to send in screenshots (I’ve sent about 30), yet nothing will get done.