Lost supply drops

I live near a river

valley an everytime I am one a bus or on a car when I go into or coming out of it there are never any supply drops there used to be ones in this area but now it’s all gone with then update… Does anyone else get this on certain areas around town? See attached video
Yes I tried to reload the game like three times an let the screen completely load before touching anything
You can see in second picture there are supply drops in background and none in this area at all

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What is that collect thing for? And yes sometimes happens to me but usually loads in.

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I got more supply drops with this update :no_mouth:

I have 1 supply drop. Live in gated community. Unfair bc I miss out on stuff bc I only have 1 drop

I have like 15 and i live in the middle of nowhere on the side of a highway :neutral_face:

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Ya, what is that collect thing? Mine doesn’t have one of those… Screenshot_20210930-174733~2

Every now and then I get this too :confused: I used to think it was my connection but I could take the same routes and have some days where it’d be fine, then others where the map would load blank (also didnt matter what time during the day either). The only thing that was certain is that it always seemed to happen in the same areas.

It also seems to come and go with updates which is super annoying.

I never reported it cos I just assumed it was my phone being old.

It’s a extra bonus for DNA coins an darts it shows up every 24 hours for me I collect then is goes away again for am comes back 24 hours