Lost Supply stations & Sanctuary

New update has removed more supply stations from my home area (used to have 8, now 3) and also lost my home sanctuary. Supply stations have fewer darts. Home area has not seen a dino all day, used to have 5 or more at any given time, now none. To continue playing I would have to pay lots of money. This update broke the game for me!


Just send them an email, they ask for opinion when you open the game, just do it with some screenshots. I did it personally. Heres the link if you didnt see it:


I’m in the same sinking boat, took screenshots and sent on the maps. I doubt I will be fixed though. I have had 1 dino within the range of the house all night and it was an irri at 145 mtr. Before I would have 3 or 4 every hour or so I would have trouble keep up with darts supply, not a problem now :frowning:

No drops, no Dinos, lost my sanctuary… I guess this is not a game I’m able to play anymore even though I wish I could I sent in a pic image not seen even one Dino since update. What rubbish

I did see fewer dinosaurs around the neighborhood. I commute a lot and did notice yesterday that 10 spawned when I passed by them whereas before only 1 or 2 would spawn in the same route. So in my area I don’t really have fewer dinosaurs, just more of them are hidden requiring actually getting out and walking to uncover them instead of darting from the couch.

I lost a couple supply drops. My sanctuary that was within range just moved so I still have it.

I did notice in my commute to lunch this afternoon that the causeway that was absolutely barren before is now loaded with drops. There’s even a drop and sanctuary at the top of the bridge.

At home I lost my big sanctuary. I lost 2 drops. Spawns are down again, last update they dropped also. So I am seeing about 1/8 of what I saw just a few months ago.

At work, I lost 3 drops…not sure on sanctuaries there, I only used the ones around my house. I have a horrible decline in spawn rates at work and I am in the busiest area for at least 50 miles.


It stands for Letting U Die In Agony.