Lost the DNA when opening an incubator and was disconnected


Today morning after the maintenance phase, upgraded the game from play store and launched it. After launching, I opened an 8H incubator and there was disconnection from network due to some reason and when I re-launched, the incubator opening was complete but it did not show the DNA received for the incubator and none of the dinosaurs are showing any change in their DNA. Looks like I lost the DNA. Can you please help?


It’s quite likely that you still received the DNA, but the game couldn’t show you what you received due to the network disconnection. For example, receiving another 300+ Common DNA might not stand out to you in your collection, just as a gain of 13+ Epic DNA probably doesn’t stand out real well either.

Ludia may be able to assist you further, however, if you want to be certain that nothing was lost. Not sure that they’ll be able to tell you what you received, though—other than that guaranteed Stygimoloch DNA.