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Lost to Pteranodon strike tower due to bug, would there be compensation?


I have posted about it few days ago in the bug report forums and I just wonder if there would be any compensation ?

My Suchutator died to pteranodon because there is a bug on instant ditraction (which I have posted about it on the bug forum). It could not reduce 90% amount of damage properly and that basically single-handedly cost my 1st attempt.

I wonder if there were cases like this before which they would give out compensation for losses due to bugs ?



Given that no one respond to the post, I assume that people just don’t believe me or think that I missed out something.

I didn’t capture the fight myself but there is a video on a facebook fan page, which happens to show the bug.

As shown in the video, Suchutator used instant distraction on the Pteranodon, and the latter then use nullifying impact which dealt 984 damage.

Instant distraction reduces 90% of incoming damage. There is no way the original damage from Pteranodon is 9840 damage. I think it has only reduced around 50% for unknown reason. While the video owner’s Suchu survived, mine didn’t and costed me the fight.

The same thing also happens on Swap-in distraction, sometimes it just reduced not enough damage or seems to have no effect at all.

I hope the staff can really look into it because I have reported this as well in the bug forum but there wasn’t any reply and it seems to me that they think it’s not true or just don’t really care about it.


what compensation?


I’ve noticed this with Gorgosuchus before, and I’m pretty sure it’s a coding error for the damage formula that causes Ferocity buffs to be calculated in the wrong order.

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The original incubator and gold that would have been rewarded for the strike tower.

I just posted a video link from a facebook page but it is under moderation. That video happens to show this bug in the exact strike tower.

But firstly they have to address the issue, because if they don’t even know there is this bug, they won’t do nothing.


It is not a bug because it works aa ludia intended it. Pteranodon uses his swap in ability and gets +50% damage, instant distraction reduces 90% therefore pteranodon will do 100+50-90=60%. Damage increase and decrease has been like this for a long time.

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Do you mean damage buff and debuff would cancel each other out ?

So the distraction is not calculated at the end but at the same time as other buffs / debuffs ?


Yes it is. They calculate it by adding and reducing not by multiplication. It tool me also a long time before ai know this by the way

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I see. Thanks for the clarification, Yes it has been bugging me for a long time also !


This whole time I thought it was a coding error. Guess I learned something new. :thinking:

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Thought everyone knew is additive not multiplicative

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you failed because swap-in ferocity adds 50% damage, and lasts for 2 turns.
150% (pteranodon) - 90% (instant distraction from suchotator) = 60% total damage pteranodon does that turn from using instant distraction. :thinking:


I can’t accept that as a feature unless someone from Ludia team officially confirm it. If the calculation is in that way the critical multiplier should be add up with ferocious strike buff in case of Tryostonix.

  • Actual result: (damage + 50%) + 50%
  • Expected result: damage + 100%
  • Damage gap = 25%

Also the calculation in case of critical strike of DSR after the buff.

  • Actual result: ((damage + 50%) + 100%) + 50%
  • Expected result: damage + 200%
  • Damage gap = 250%

The case of ferocious strike buff and instant distraction calculation are inconsistency and they need a revise because adding percentage and multiply order result in a huge difference.


Sucks that you lost, I’m sorry.

BUT what I’ve found is that the second attempt st the gold strike towers are wayyy easier. Whenever I lose I just do it again and it’s an easy win. The computer gets dumber on the second round for some reason lol.


Ferocity adds 50% damage.

Ferocious strike is a 1x damage move, this equals 1.5x on a normal strike, add in the 50% crit, you get 2.25x total damage, or 225%.

The same goes for a Ferocious DSR: 2x damage, plus 50% equals 3x damage, critting for another 50% equals a total of 4.5x damage. Or 450%.

The reasoning for this is because damage is multiplicative, indicated by the fact that each move has the phrase "Deals __ x damage. The buffs and debuffs are additive because of the use of increase, decrease, or reduce.

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Ironically, today at my second attempt, the Sino hybrid got dumber and didn’t use it’s charged stun. But I anticipate it to use a charged stun so I changed my original plan. Turns out it wanted to let me win by only spamming superiority strike. However as I changed my plan it actually countered my new plan. And I lost again.

If I have sticked to my original plan, I would have won. That’s frustrating when you know it wanted to let you win but then you lost it due to it.

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Yes the AI Dino gets easier to beat,but it can destroy your plan too