Lots of game crashes/disconnects


New galaxy 6 & have tried with (individually, stopped any switching between data sources) project fi, xfinity wifi & straight data. There’s plenty of coverage here in Seattle, yet this thing keeps dropping like crazy. Error codes 21959, 41344, 21444, 21844, 31 844, 21344, 31959 and more.

Also, when trying to watch videos at supply drops, at least 1/3 of the time no extra supplies drop.


The obvious first question. Have you tried uninstall and reinstall? I haven’t had connection issues here in the Chicago area other than my area has basically no dinos. I have had optimization issues and very laggy response. Perhaps you’re timing out?

Boar to the fore!


…Boar to the fore! Hoooooooly crap! Praythiel…?

But yeah, did an uninstall/reinstall, doesn’t seem to help. Phone is new & networks are strong - I’m assuming it’s just first week jitters. Lots of dinos out here if you, y’know, ever find yourself in Seattle.


Yup it’s me! Know that pig anyplace. Not sure about the game then. That phone should handle it well. I got a friend that want a to move out thay way and keeps saying everyone should go with