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Lots of Iphone 7 Glitches Today - Anyone else having problems?

Mainly around battles, either get disconnected and just watch the timer go down and have to hard re-start, the AI is definitely not working, the 30sec countdown will just re-start or the AI button doesn’t work and the screen will freeze, screen will freeze on zero countdown in match, freeze after winning.

GPS is “walking” around (sometimes, of course, this is great) but days like today I’m supposedly standing in the middle of an ocean, or field… with nothing for miles…

Blank maps, back again after hard re-start.

Disappearing incubators…

Not being able to communicate with alliance. Type and press enter and it does nothing.

Alliance list comes up with “guest” in quite a few names instead of the name

Friends in list are not in alliances and actually are (actually in the same alliance as me)

But it’s mainly the connection issues that are causing the most annoyance particularly around battles… they are so time consuming with all the count downs, disconnections, frozen screens, game re-starts to find the battle is not even going, no AI at all… please help Ludia… Please

Hey Kerri, there are some troubleshooting steps here that might help with your connection issue:

Let me know if you’re still having problems with your game after trying those steps.

Hi Ned,

I tried all those steps 2 days ago (regularly to be honest). It was having connection issues again this morning. I’ll persevere (hey I’ve been playing for a year now so I get it), but was wondering if others were having similar problems, or that these were known problems to Ludia. Its unusual that I’m having such a multitude of issues at once. Usually it’s just connection, or just battles, or just darting etc. Not so many different aspects of the game at once. Cheers for getting back to me. Fingers crossed with this morning’s update that it eases some of the issues.

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Im having trouble with battles incubators everytime i win a rare 12 hr incubator they give me a 15 min incubator… not just once. Its been more than 5 times

Hey Handy_Man, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so they can take a closer look? Please make sure to include the date and time of when you received the Incubator as well. Thanks!

i have created a topic about this but i have problems mostly appearing in exploration (cathing dinos) just freezes and kicks me. i think it happens only on IOS ,my friends are playing the game too (Android users) and they are laughing at me cuz the game freezes every time i want to get DNA from a dino.

my question here is if i log out from my acc (Guest) i know on support they wrote do not log out , but on game centre does it saves or no ,this day i tried to get DNA i think more than 20 dinos ,only one event velociraptor allowed me to dart it , the other 19 it just dropped me out.

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I have this too, it’s like a ghost image on mine, comes up with the 12hr first which sits underneath the awarded incubator.

Seems to be a bit more stable with the update of both the game and the new IOS. Managed to battle last night and this morning without any problems. Cheers Ludia !!!

Scratch that - battles still an issue…

Dino move selection not selecting in battles.

And AI not responding again

Hey Kerri, I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having these issues and that the troubleshooting steps were not helpful. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can take a closer look and assist you? Thanks!