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Lots of LPs Lost For Involuntary Purchases

Advanced apologies for making a second Thread today.

I remember that this issue had happened to @Cagkan_Coskun before. I was just randomly scrolling through the Park when I got charged more than 110,000 Loyalty Points for transactions I did not make. A Pterodaustro pack was open in front of me.

Screenshot before the incident :

Screenshot after the incident :

When I was confused and collected it and logged in again THIS showed up, again very similar to what Cagkan reported. I had been charged for several packs as you can see.

I’ve contacted support and filled in the necessary details, hopefully this issue is resolved soon and doesn’t happen to any other players. @Ned, if this bug could be removed it would be highly appreciated.


Found Cagkan’s thread about this issue.

It seems that I ‘made’ purchases of every Loyalty Points card pack transaction except Solid Gold regular.

Tbh it’s issues like these that demotivate and frustrate the heck out of players who support and have been playing the game for such a long time. I’m not bragging here but just addressing the irony of how an issue that happened before isn’t resolved yet, rather like the Tournament reset bug.

I will wait like Cagkan did, but if this issue occurs again I will not hesitate to drop the subscription.


Note to self: do NOT check what’s new on Loyalty packs tab… ever! :grimacing:
Kidding aside - sorry to hear that happened to you…


I wasn’t just regularly checking… As by the images proof it has registered so many packs transactions at the same time.

Just the one Prerodaustro pack would have been still justifiable if I had actually accidentally clicked it but it randomly decided to register purchase for a Prerodaustro pack, Solid Gold+, Wuerhosaurus pack, three building/decoration packs. I totalled and that’s almost as many LPs I lost, validating my calculation is whatever I ‘missed when I was away’.

Now I am not sure which human trait allows one to click so many packs at the same time so I hope Ludia recognises this as an issue from the game’s end and not mine. If they don’t fairly compensate, JWTG loses a paying member and a playing member.

I don’t care if they redact the extra resources from my park that I earnt through the accident. I just want my original resources count back.


I see! Yes, that sounds horrible - especially when you think of the time needed to collect such amount of LPs. I am contemplating over each TH trade which include spending LPs because I usually have a goal I am trying to reach and buying even one 11K creature throws me back for almost a week or so. But to be charged by 110K is just nightmare! Hope Ludia will have understanding and will resolve it somehow… :crossed_fingers:


I clicked the collect option too, I think that was a mistake. Not sure if they’re going to compensate. Again I won’t even mind if they redact whatever I earnt from the accident.

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Hm… yes, if you collect it - it is hard for them to compensate. But what else you could do? Just turn off your phone and wait next week or two?


Exactly. I did it to play the Tournament which later turned out to be an even bigger disaster.


I guess today is not your day, to say the least :frowning:


That’s crazy. Hope you get the fair resolution you deserve @Jurassic_Fury to both issues.We know how much this game means to you


Not sure if I should just consider this circumstance as a sign telling me to just move ahead, in all fairness it had been quite prominent that I was getting more and more disconnected with JWTG as the bugs and other incidents kept happening.

Only reason I was with it till now was because of the memories Builder gave me, but if this is how JWTG is headed I’m fine keeping the memories instead of the frustration fresh in my mind.

Let’s see - maybe all this is just coming from someone who’s had a terrible day so far. I will wait for their response.


My dear friend Ani, I have just opened my eyes and saw this. I think I am the only man who may understand your frustration by all means. Good of you referencing my previous one, and I need you to wait a little bit before releasing your anger. Your main unfortune here is the time frame that overlaps the tourney I get it. And now I read about the tourney incident without checking the regarding thread and my game too. :man_facepalming: I really don’t wanna say that but despite of all the sincere efforts our helpful friends Keith and Ned here, game sadly gives me the feeling as if it is collapsing like falling apart every and each of the day. I hope they make it live on this game while keeping it playable at the same time, one way or another. 'Cause we love this game and the community no matter what.

For your case, actually my case too, first try not to worry. They will compensate trust me, 'cause it is not your fault. And as I so long ago explained, and as you post it again, it is impossible for an human being to make multiple purchases at the same time. The only difference between us is that you have collected them all but wait, it is not again your mistake too, 'cause I know the exact feeling right after such a thing happens as a shock wave of what the heck is going on spreads through your whole body. I had collected my Supper Club first it happened out of the shock myself, then I closed the game in a hurry (you will remember it from my thread as a the first entry) then I got back and saw what you saw. In other words, if I saw this in the very first place we would be sharing the exact same fate as you do have. So, not your fault. You made what you had to do as sending them a ticket. I was compensated my lost 60k LPs and also Keith comfirmed after that I could move on by collecting those items since the support hasn’t told me the otherwise. So yours should be resolved as the same way, stay calm my lovely friend. You’re one of the calmest and the most humble members of our community and that’s why I love you.

My main concern here is, if this a repeating error that could ecevtually find everyone or even the same players as you and me, over and over again. “That”, would be nightmarish. Can you give us bit of a relief about this please @Keith @Ned .


(Wipes tear) Thanks a lot… Fingers crossed… :upside_down_face:


My game has started to crash almost every five seconds sadly. Cannot even login long enough to check my tourney’s fate you know. :confused:

Maybe mine is reset too, and I am.talkingbfrom the no man’s land. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (Laughing at our pitiful situation)


I’ll just stop doing the tournament, I have Indominus unlocked so all that matters is seeing the beautiful card pack. A good alternative for me is taking a screenshot of the pack from the event itself.

And yes you’re right. JWTG is not dying out like Builder did, it’s being killed every next update. If this is the little value Ludia has for it’s players then so be it.


still salty that Ludia kept JPB up for 4 years even though the last update was in 2016 lmao


I’m sorry to hear that, Jurassic_Fury. I notified the team and they are looking into it.

If anyone has experienced this issue and hasn’t emailed our team at yet, please do so. You can include your support key to speed up the process. Thank you for the patience!


@Cagkan_Coskun and others, I got a response and unfortunately it seems they cannot provide assistance in this issue. I’ve got myself 110K LPs redacted due to clicks I never made voluntarily or involuntarily. Zero guarantee whether these issues will happen again or not if I continue playing. Which brings me to my next point.

I resign from JWTG.

There’s my final straw. It was a good ride but even that train has to stop at a destination sooner or later. Will it make a trip back, I don’t know, but for now I will keep it dormant at the station.

Thank you everyone, it was very fun. :hugs:


So sad to hear this for you. Thank you for keeping us all going with your enjoyable posts to the forum and hope you find solace in a new hobby. And welcome back if you ever feel like it…:sleepy:


Sorry to hear that :pleading_face:

Well we’ll still be here if things ever get straightened out. Best of luck!