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Lotta Face Appreciation

I’m trying to recall other conversations in which MCs face was appreciated by the match. Pretty sure they’ve all said something similar and now I endeavor to find them all.


Dear Writers: I like your face too. :heart::kissing_heart:

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When I saw this thread name, I first thought, “Who’s Lotta? I haven’t seen Lotta’s face yet.” :sweat_smile:

But back on the topic of MC’s face… I can’t recall any of these specific moments, but I know I’ve seen them! I’m hopeful one day they might include a customizable avatar for MC, so we can actually see their face. (Specifying MC’s pronouns too.)

There’s a game called Our Life that has a cool element that might be nice for Lovelink. There are a few questions when you start about your character’s appearance, even though you don’t have a sprite for MC the way other characters do.

For example, the game asks about your hairstyle and gives you a few choices. “Short hair, pony tail, etc.”

Then later on there might be a moment of description like, “A butterfly lands in your short hair/on your ponytail/on your bare scalp.”

Or it’ll ask your eye color. Then later maybe the LI will say:

“I love your brown/blue/green/black eyes.”

It would require a bit of extra attention, but it would be cool if the way MC’s name is used, the matches made references to other aspects of MC’s face/appearance we could specify. I.e. “I love your EYECOLOR” and then just plug in our choice for MC’s eye color!