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Lottery currency change

I don’t know wether this is just me or others aswell. For the last month and a bit on this day of a week the tied lottery tier for a tourney creature pack has been DNA. Today it is Dino bucks. Very expense and will mean I can’t get the gold reward… image


I swear it was DNA earlier today. Now its 500 bucks for me. I hope it’ll change again as buying DNA tickets usually got me the gold prize wheel every week and i could justify it. If it stays like this, it’s bye bye lottery. And you’re in much better shape bucks-wise than i am.


It was dna for me earlier

Maybe it’s a bug?

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It was DNA earlier today the normal 500, however in the first slot in the prize was 95,500 DNA with a 60% chance to land with a ticket instead of the 95,500 food prize it normally is. Someone screwed up at Ludia’s headquarters. They then switched it to DB for the tickets and then swapped out the 95,500 DNA prize to a crappy 100,000 food prize, which is a shady move in my book. They should have just locked that prize wheel down for those that had already purchased and ate their mistake and learned from it and let the chips fall based on the prize drop chances.


I see. A lot of weird choices there. If they changed the DNA prize to food, they should have kept the 500 DNA currency. Or if they wanted to switch currencies, they should have kept the 95000 DNA reward.
Here’s hoping everything goes back to normal by next week.

Fair enough, my thoughts and hopes is they’ll make it fair to us in tomorrow’s prize drop.

I noticed this as well yesterday and only purchased 10 tickets (for 4,000 DNA so not exactly cheap!) for a chance at winning the 95,500 DNA. As you say, they’ve now amended the “fault” but should have honored it or at the very least, reset everything and refund users the 4,000 DNA…

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