Lottery Wins

For anyone that wants to know if playing the lottery is worth it, it definitely is for VIP members. I mostly play for the fairly good chances of getting one of the 50K VIPs at the end… but wins like this really make my day (week, month, etc.)!

Same as the 50K pack…got 2 of the 1500 DB cards too! Anyone else ever land on one of these?


I got the Stygimoloch VIP pack too, and one Metriacanthosaurus as well, so it was a great prize drop for me!


What are the 50k dino’s, and can non-VIP players get these as well? I only see a 10k pack and a 20k pack with each time a different predefined creature. I assume these 50k creatures have better stats?

Yeah I go the Metriacantho too… it’s pretty rare in my experience to get the top prize without winning through all the lesser ones as well.

Just more rare, all VIP creatures have about the same ferocity.

I also got the pack today:

Only had one DB card but still very happy about it, I also got the pack yesterday as well which was great.


Interesting that so many of us got this one! Considering we have a pretty small number of participants on here. Wonder if the chances were dialed up on this one.

Should I submit a ticket since I didn’t get it :wink:

Really is a no-brainer for reasons mentioned and building up food and DNA. If you sell unneeded dinos for LPs, it works even better!

Got the pack and 2 dino cards as well! With the VIP points and bucks in addition to a VIP creature… hugely made my morning! I’m glad so many others got this as well. I can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten it!

I got the pack again, including 1500 DB and 3900 LP!


I got the pack. No $$$, though. Great LPs.

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@Johan_Oke same here

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No such luck for me. Not my best week, as I was dealing with some health issues earlier in the week and misplayed the tickets, and then ended up buying all 20 of the spot 2 tickets on Thursday when I didn’t need to get that many to catch up. So it was a weird week for me overall.

From the GREAT NEWS/blah news department

The downside was not 1, not 2, but 3 coins cards. Oh, well. I need a second Tusoteuthis badly so I can only complain so much


Congratz @Andy_wan_kenobi !

I got one too! Was surprise to see 4 “stacks” of cards when I went to claim the VIP prize drop.

I got a pack of those with 3900 LPs, 6600 DNA and 1500 DBs. The first reward was insignificant, so I didn’t bother to remember what it was :kissing_closed_eyes:

Got 2 more Archelons as well.

I used the Prize Drop guide provided by @Sionsith , but something must have went wrong somewhere? I had to buy 3 of the first prize drop this morning before reset to get my Diamond reward.


I’m starting to hate you guys. :smiling_imp:

Mostly out of jealousy and all, but I’m happy for you, I guess, if I must be.


I agree with you @Potato! But I’m also glad that these prizes are actually attainable (at least for some lol)


To be fair, I’ve had a pretty good dry spell leading up to this

I’m so jealous too, this is one of the few VIPs I have yet to obtain a copy of so was really hoping for a win today, but didn’t even get an Archelon. Bummer.

The only other one I have, I bought for 50k LP when it was first released

Until I’ve evolved enough stuff to get my Indoraptors made, I’m not willing to spend points on 50K creatures. So lottery wins and VIP tournaments are my only chance.

Got two Tusoteuthis in my first round of the aquatic event today. Felt like the AI was just taunting me!

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