Love Champaign 2.0

Champaign 2.0 was amazing. I was really happy to see the goats return in course 22. The common goat may have been hard to defeat when it was first released for the 2nd April fools boss but it’s really easy if you use indotarus with it’s revenge cloak.


indotaurus beats 99% of things with revenge cloak.


I know. Unless things have rend resistance it’s going to trouble because of the chance that you can 1 shot with the counter attack

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use it against Lor Lythronax. takes a few tries to get the move order right with low hp indotoaurus. but 3 moves and its over.

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also, kinda off topic, but is anyone else having the campaign bug where the opponent will not select any move at all? Like it does nothing in its turn (except counter, swap in and on escape moves)?

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Same here, I think the update to the campaign is amazing, really enjoying it. Good job Ludia.

Yes. Extra DNAs for the missions are awesome.

Yes! Extra carno DNA always welcome :wink:

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Did you notice a problem? If the opponent in the campaign puts a creature, mostly the first turn it doesn’t put any move. I put something, and it doesn;t attack. And also that after swapping to Sinoceratops, it immediately puts Instant Charge though it has a delay.


And anything that doesn’t have 100% stun immunity always gets stunned. My phorusaura got stunned 3 times consequently, with 75% resistance.

It is nice when they are beatable. For example one says use a level 15 common but caps your dino at 14. Another says use trex but also requires dino to have shields

Be nice if Ludia had people play through it before releasing to ensure all are possible

Yeah. That is happening as well: it really does not bother me a whole lot though

Yeah. Reminds me of the way strike towers used to be