Love/hate relationship with evasive stance

Love dodge when it works for me but getting 3-0’d because of it is a little frustrating. Oh well, u win some u lose some


Yes, indeed. Last few days, it always went in favour of my opponents.

Today, I just won a match with Monomimus dodging like 5 times which does not happen often for me.

Rngeezus may seem like he being brutal but only being fair in the long run! :grinning:

Yh o get you i have ran through a ehole team with my indo through cloak but then also a player has gone through mine with a monomimus its a win some situation

My issue with it is that waaaaay too many people rely on it.
Its frustrating.

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That’s why evasive should get at least +1 delay and +1 cd. But damage reduction for each round when evasive is activated would be great too.

I don’t love it or hate it, I’m utterly indifferent to it. If it works, great, if it doesn’t meh! But one thing is for sure it’s definitely NOT a move you can rely upon - and should play accordingly to compensate.

My strat is to treat it as a potential second life, use up other powerful moves first, and when it’s on low health and will die next hit anyway pull off an Evasive Stance. If you win, great. If it doesn’t meh! You’ve lost anyway. This way you have nothing to lose but gain one last an extra chance.

That’s so not how to play mono lol it has lower than average HP and attack so needs to start attempting dodges straight away so it can survive long enough to actually kill any opponent. That strat would work better for indom or Indo though as they have enough HP to take a hit and do higher than average damage

You are wrong. If you don’t start with distraction worst case scenario is you get lots of dmg and evasive isn’t guaranteed dodge so worst way to play with monomimus is to start with evasive unless your only strategy is to rely on luck.

Not relying purely on luck as nothing can 1 shot monomim first turn without a crit well before the update anyway. The idea is even if they get a shot in it might miss completely or it might do non lethal dmg then second turn when every Dino’s 2x attacks are up you use distracting limiting the second attack to 1x att but only if it hits, mono takes 4 hits to kill things so with that rotation you usually kill the opponent on the turn after dodge runs out meaning you can start a fresh cycle on the next Dino but with worse odds if any dmg was taken I mean I see the benefit of using debuff first turn but that guarantees taking a hit first turn and means dodge isn’t refreshed on each enemy leading to less survival overall IMHO

That strategy is purely relying on luck rather than doing as much damage as possible. If you come in during mid fight there is always possibility for opponent to use 2x dmg immediately. And there is lots of high dmg dealing dinos with 20% crot chance so worst case scenario is dead monomimus and you have dealt 0 dmg to your opponent.

I start with monomim if I’m gonna use it that way not relying on it to do anything but annoy my opponent and mess up their game plan so either rotation can do that I find my rotation effective you obviously rate yours, I know either won’t matter in a few days when monomim starts being super sub-par with the HP nerf . My team relies allot more on defense shattering rampage off a variety of creatures and monosteg more than monomim anyday