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Love the game but

Hey guys, I am a new player and enjoy the game so much.

Ideas for later:
Become a boyfriend/girlfriend section
Special Dates, undressing, more conversations like a DLC in other games.

More interaction with the characters.

Currently I love to “date” Adam, Antoine and Jonathan but sometimes feels weired to date forward to receive more GEMS.

Would be awesome to receive a feedback from you

Kind regards,


I doubt there will be any actual nudity in the game. The content is largely PG.

Hi there, don’t mean nudity … In a real relationship you send also pics to your partner. Could be fun to have such sections


I agree with this, even if its not nudity, it’d be nice to actually see movement than read what’s happening, Idk if they’re hiring but as someone who does digital art and has a background in coding I’d love to work on this project. Wonder where I can apply if they’re hiring, lots of potential here.