Love the Glitch. Suchominus beat Indoraptor


I led with a Common. An Indoraptor appeared. I swapped in a level 11 Suchominus and it immediately did the Would attack. One half on Indo gone. He strikes me, then Indomis dead.

Lol. So funny. The swap-in wound is supposed to be 0.25 but it really isn’t is 0.50. Even a level 1can win.


Yeah, even reading the description of the new DOT mechanic you had to know it was a bad idea. Have no desire to battle as long as it’s this broken.

Take a small water balloon and a large water balloon and put a pinhole in each one… they do not both empty at the same time. DOT should not kill all dinosaurs in 2 or 3 moves regardless of health quantity. DOT amount should be a fixed value and bigger dino’s last longer… and they should definitely not stack.


Yea, they’ve ruined battling with it…

Even if you put a level 1 in and it did do 0.25 damage of full health, against a higher level Dino, your level 1 could be dealing 1000 damage!!!


That’s actually really bad :unamused:


I played some wounders and got hammered. Most things have cure or immunity.

If you think it’s OP try it.


You grind for about 3 months to get an indo raptor and go and get beat by a level 11 suchomimus… id chuck myself in the river


Indoraptor player didn’t play cleanse impact?


They need to also work on their stacking math.

For example, Monolophosaurus:
It has 2 attacks that reduces damage by 50% for 2 turns. Yes 50 + 50 = 100… but we are talking percentages in different turns here.

Attack = 1000.
50% reduction turn 1 = 500
another 50% reduction in turn 2 = 250… not 0. 50% of the new value of 500 = 250.

It should never have an attack of 0 when dealing with stacking percentages even with armor and shield… it should never be less than 1.


Right you, talk about over exaggeration :joy:


DoT is completely broken, the fact that they do the opponent max health is fine but they should do lower percentages like 25% at maximum or not tick for more than 2 turns, like a 33% for 3 turns is 99% of any dinosaur that is not cleansed or swapped


Players will get used to needing to cleanse.

Love to see some actual game testing to give better feedback to Ludia. Not change things because a single Indoraptor player was caught off guard.


The new meta, with all the Swap In Abilities, will become a continue swapping from dino to dino and make a really fun combo (this reminds me Tekken Tag Tournament :rofl: ), to make things unpredictable and we need to adapt to survive, Darwin has spoken!


Yeah they’ve proper made a boo boo.


Had that happened to me earlier today. Someone brought in a low level Suchominus and it did the bleed move on me. Naturally, I panicked and did the big no-no of swapping and basically every time I swapped, opponent did another bleed move on me :sweat_smile:. Naturally, I lost.

What I should have done was to swap to my cleansing dinos, take one of the hits, cleanse, slow down the Suchominus and then take it out with the next move.


I filled my team whit inmune dinos and superior strike and having a lot of fun vs wound dinos xd


irex, erlidominus, monomimus for immunity. stegodeus, indoraptor with cleanse. i’m ready. still haven’t faced anyone trying to DoT though.


I’ve been hesitant to use my Monomimus since she’s only level 16. Should I though?


Thats my team + tryoxtronix and pyrritator for speed clean, not having bad results whit this team


what arena?
i’m in arena 8 and mine is level 22 (23 once I get 60K :sob:) and it works pretty well at that level.


I’m barely hanging on in Jurassic Ruins. Current lineup is: Indoraptor (21), Indorex (20), Utahsinoraptor (20), Stegodeus (22), Tragodistis (20), Stegoceratops (19), Monostegotop (20), and Diloranosaurus (18).

I’m a rubbish fighter so chances are I’m probably not using my dinos right :rofl: