Love the update, 1 thing though

In the patchnotes it said that fusing ingredients would be rebalanced so everyone got a shot at them.
However, the much needed kentro, erliko, ankylo and t-rex are still daytime only.
The thing is, its dark before going to work, and its dark again when I get home, and on the northern hemisphere, this will only get worse the coming month.

Baryonix was made available to daytime players, please keep your word by doing this for nighttime players as well.

No Idea who is responsible for these thing, so ill just tag you @Ned and @Jorge to perhaps carry the message.


I’m also mostly a night player. A local 3 night player.

The only non-global epic I can easily get is mono and it still has no unique hybrid despite Local1’s sino getting a second one. GJ, Ludia :+1:

Barionyx spawns at daytime?
Haven‘t seen her at day only at night and even then only 1-2x per week.

Well, for me Baryionix is the most wanted of all dinosaurs (next to Rajasauro) and I only find one every two or three weeks. I have even thought about forgetting to evolve Tryostonix forever and keep evolving Postimetrodon of which I have tons of DNA waiting.

Since the patch it does :wink:

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at least monostego is good now :sweat_smile:
but yes, I feel for all L3 players

You should have more chances of finding it now at least :slight_smile:
I hope they will give nightfolk the same love!

I’m sure if I actually spend my 6k mono on monosteg they’ll make an OP mimus hybrid like they should have xD

but lets get this under their attention ^^

Yep, the nighttime issue is legit too =( I’ve been voicing concerns about it the past few weeks. There are 5(?) day-only epics now and no longer a night-only one. And night already lasts for 16 hours and only getting longer >.<

Yes 5 indeed, also pyroraptor but without irritator we dont need him as much :joy:

I only need 50 indo to get to L29, been stuck like this for days. It’s rather difficult acquiring Trex when you hunt at night :sleepy:

It would make my day if I could find Rexy at night that doesn’t include a nest.

I went from only seeing THREE wild Barys since ive been playing this game, to finding FOUR today (in the day)!

Was able to nearly get 2 levels on my 16 Tryo so its now actually useable for me!

Awesome change Ludia!

And yes, please let Trex spawn at night also (though I HAVE found a couple at night time, maybe nests?)

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T-rex nest is at restaurants, but on a very rare occasion I’ve found them outside of restaurants during night time

The places I found them at night was down the end of my street, where there isn’t a restaurant for miles!

So nooob…if you are pro…you will get baryonix even if it spawns during solar eclipse

Solar eclipses seem to be even rarer than epics, so havent had the chance yet :joy:

Night Dino’s are way better than day ones and The designers x girlfriend lives in Local 3 so the developers truely hate you. The ONLY thing L3 had going for it was Monomin but now you can start again with Monosteg or pray the x girlfriend moves to another local and you may get some love.

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I dont even live in L3…
Also, everything that spawns at night (epicwise) also spawns at day, but not the other way around.

I’m all for jokes, but this comment isnt true nor funny :frowning:

Today I found a Baryonyx during the day and I thought I was dreaming… Caught another one in the evening.

But I was most pleased that I caught 2 x Erlikosaurus this morning within an hour! :smile:

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