Love this event!

Sometimes positive feedback is appreciated, so here you go, Ludia team: I really love this event. I can only 2 dice the hidden forge, but it is still economically interesting to invest in this. That’s something I like, because most of the days it’s brainless grinding and now I am challenged to finish this challenge.
It also allows me to use my ‘strongest’ or most favourite team, I can’t use my 8th character because he is brand new and way too low, and I’ll likely grow tired of him soon because I’ll have to grind with him, so thank you again!


Yes, this is one of the better events. Had a lot of fun with it

I’m glad to hear you liked it, @parthannun and @Trevor_BWay.

Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

This new one is good too. I do like the VIP events. Very rewarding

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The Hidden Forge event for gems seemed great even when only hitting the d6. Just odd to roll both gem rewards only once each on nearly 20 runs! Seems I have more chance of winning when playing the lottery than rolling a simply d6.

RNG can be bad, but truly this bad without any fidgeting?!?

For some reason the best reward I’d get on this event was from rolling a six and getting 10x2 cards for Calliope’s floating sword. So the good news is that her floating sword is level 7 now and doing some massive damage on lower level creatures. Bad news is that it’s REALLY expensive to upgrade it now.

Only time I didn’t take floating sword fragments was just now when a 20 netted me 20 cards of the epic rogue pouch. Now all I gotta do is boost her 2 more levels before she can use it, and replenish my gold enough to upgrade the thing.

Which is just to say the event has been pretty good to me so far, too.