Love this game but start giving up on it

Nothing more to do start getting boring I hope this game make new updates

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For someone your level, how the hell do you only have that many trophies? You should be rocking the arena

Probably intentionally losing matches to face easier opponents for easy wins. It’s what I do. :+1:

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Not the arena the game need many things

Nothing more to do? You can still do 3 things:

a) Get to level 20
b) Get all your epics to lvl 8 or legendary to max level
c) get all of your characters to level 20

need I say more?

And after that

Start to do the first 3, it’ll keep you a long while unless you decided to really open up your wallet :slight_smile:

After all that, then try to become #1 in PvP so far it’s Scolex with 15k PvP points :slight_smile:

After all of that: Can we be friends? Didn’t meet anyone who can throw $2000+ in a couple of weeks and walk away cuz he/she is bored :smiley:

i’m at 20 k :stuck_out_tongue:
but humm, thats just from doing my 16 games a day to keep the 360 gold + free chest.

WoW~ Dang!! grats :slight_smile: I think you’re the highest so far…

Finally lev max I will come after you time to hunt

What does it matter that we see how many gems you have? Why block it out? Just curious since you didn’t do that with your gold.

Idk I just block it I don’t want anyone to see it it’s my opinion and sorry maybe it’s bother

Oh no. No bother. I was just curious since you didn’t black out the gold. Rock on!!

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I’ll block it next time I just wa’t to get heroes lev 17 and kind of hard since this chests give usless cards cuz most are max and legendary hard to get

Grats on the max level!! Did you get any extra reward for completing? what are your hero levels like Highest and lowest

My heroes all lev 17 and and no good rewards since all my cards are max just some legendary trying to up them

oh, all of your epic items also maxed level?

All epics and all rars and some basics and legendary all lev4 and two Lev3

lol well damn if you just bought everything with gems, what’s the point now, you’ll have nothing to do…
I guess now u can just sit and hope for some future updates? :confused:

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That’s my point from the beginning hhh hope for good updates