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Love to raid? So do we! House Therium - 9/10 weekly - 3 lvl 20 sanctuaries

We are an active alliance. We have players all around the world and run all raids all day long. We have an active discord and coordinate other fun alliance activities (Among Us, Pogo, alliance championships).

If you are an active player looking for a fun group to play with then we are the right alliance for you!

What we have:

  • 3 level 20 sanctuaries
  • Tier 8+ Tournament rewards
  • Tier 9 Defense / 10 Exploration rewards
  • Weekly Apex raids
  • A fun and active Discord


  • Must be a daily player
  • Must participate in all tournaments
  • Follow sanctuary rules
  • Player level 15+

Contact Diavi#4449 on discord if you’re interested in joining us!!!

Is the raid part of the discord public or is the discord for alliance members only because I would love to join the discord and do some raiding but I have my own alliance and don`t want to abandon them.

I don’t have discord, but my friend and I are looking for a good alliance to move to and it sounds like we would be a great fit! We started our own alliance at the beginning, but we have become tired of carrying them.

We’re level 20, active every day for years, and would love to contribute to a better group for raids and rewards. How do we join?

If you havnt already reach out to Diavi and we will get you into the discord where us and a few other alliances run raids together.

Discord is required because we use it to coordinate everything; like sharing boss strats and getting teams together. It’s also how we coordinate the level 20 sanctuaries. It’s a free app and there are lots of great discord channels for JWA.

I am interested in joining.

However, I am player level 10 is that okay?

Ok thanks Carly. I just downloaded it and reached out to diavi

We’re looking for a couple more members in our alliance. Must be player level 15 or higher, prefer trophy count over 4000.

Discord is required. Our Discord is extremely active, the more talkative you are the more you will fit in!

If you’re interested reach out to me on Discord at Diavi#4449.

We have 2 spots open, send me a message here or on Discord if interested!