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Lovelink Counterparts

I’ve been playing Lovelink for a while now and i’m noticing Ludia releasing some new characters that are counterparts to already existing characters. Which is great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also a little torturous. There are so many new counterparts in the gender I prefer and it sucks that even if I unmatch with the original i’m still locked into their storyline. I suggest that letting players switch over to the counterpart of their choosing. I’d even restart the entire story with no complaints. It makes sense, seeing as if you’re with a character you like then you’d be more compelled to spend gems and money on them; ultimately making Ludia more money in the process. It seems like the best course of action, in my opinion.


I pitched not long ago that each character should have the option to unmatch and delete progress on a story so you can match with a counterpart for a gem cost

I want this so bad!! If I have to keep resetting my game to get the cute counterparts I’ll just uninstall