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Lovelink- It’s Okay To Be Human

I have some feedback/ insights for Lovelink to help improve user relations🤗

First, I feel Lovelink is going a great job and the quality in game shows how much dedication and care the Lovelink team has for this app and the hard work is greatly appreciated by all.:hibiscus:

In saying this, there does seem to be a small issue around communication breakdown between Lovelink and it’s users.

It feels like Lovelink it trying to give us the best and most perfect chat/dating game app they can.

While they’re wonderful and appreciated standards, I’m wondering if there’s also felt pressure to only show a “perfect game” face.
For example, When I look at the Facebook page, all the posts are positive, sharing about matches.

However, while it’s good, humans know nothing is perfect, so it unwittingly comes across as a little unrelatable.

As your users, we want the game to succeed, we want to know what’s happening, and to even help if we can. All the suggestions show this.

It’s okay to have teething problems like the glitches. And It’s okay to tell us.

In fact, doing so will only make Lovelink more relatable and the users to be patient or whatever is needed. This seems common with other game apps and it actually help to build better rapport and a stronger/loyal user base.

For example Obey me is an another dating type app. But they advise if there’s issues or delays or they have to fix something.

Check the comments on this Obey me post And this one
Even if there are a few nay sayers, the users show a lot of support and understanding.

I understand Lovelink team is busy but it truly would help if Lovelink opened up a bit more and communicate better on how things are going in relation to our concerns. It doesn’t need much. Just quick posts in Facebook or the forum would be good.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope Lovelink considers the above suggestion. :sparkling_heart: