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Lovelink Matching

So who is your favorite “Lovelink Match” so far? I personally love the “Daddy” vibe going on with this match… What do you think?


My favourite is Emmalyn. Not the most compelling story but she’s totally my type.

I’m finding most of the boys stories pretty dull. But the silliness of Tiros Darkmane’s story had me hooked, even if I’m not especially into the idea of “centaur love”.

The single dad thing doesn’t do it for me personally, but I’m glad you’re enjoying it.


I’m the same with Tiros! A lot of my matches are gray and have been offline for about a month and a half, so it’s slim pickings for me at the moment :joy:

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Yeah, all my favourites are on break so I’ve recently matched with another batch but none of them especially interest me. I’ve got the 50 shades bloke, the FBI hacker bloke, the single dad bloke, the camping musician bloke, the arctic musher bloke and the vampire bloke all on the go at the moment.

But I really want Emmalyn, Alice and Vitoria back. Even if Vitoria did try to eat me… like, literally eat me, not euphemistically eat me :smile:.


I have I BELIEVE 15 that are “offline” and I miss my Army Men :drooling_face:


Most of us are in the same boat. I think @anon38499539 said they have 22 matches all on break.

OMG that’s crazy!!! I’m seriously going crazy without this app right now :joy_cat:

I wish it weren’t true. All 25 of my matches are away, but maybe someday in the not-too-distant future I’ll see my faves come back. Maybe someday I’ll be able to match with Felicia. :joy:


All 18 of my matches are on break :cry: So sad. I recently matched with one of the Hot Widower ™ guys and it was super wholesome. Also helps that they kind of made him look like Chris Evans lol. Currently talking to Blake, who’s super fun. But I kind of wish I could unmatch some of the profiles cause the story didn’t hook me in as much as I was hoping.

I feel the same way with the majority of my matches with them not really interesting me, but they were still useful to use as diamond mines and something to do between other conversations. Though diamond grinding can be tedious, so I get that it’s more of a hassle than it’s worth for many too.

miss him already & its been not that long since had last talked with him,tho the other prince of darkness am missing too😫 just want them both back soon even if don’t get the girls back as soon,better then being stuck with so many matches that am not into& a very long list of those that keep being “away”

I’m a sucker for Angel/Emmalyn. Her story feels like super natural for me, at least at the beggining, so besides ver sweetness and morals, I really get that “I’m meeting a new person” vibe.

I do have a massive crush on Eve/Alice too but she just left me in Ibiza alone…not that I’m complaining though.

Was feeling the same way with Jade, but now she’s gray so here I am waiting for my cam girl to finish her never ending show :broken_heart:

I do love the art/look/just appearance in general of Ruby, she was actually my first match the first time I played and she’s wao OMG send me pics. Her story right now feels more funny than anything, but I can work with that.

And yes, I’ve matched with some of the male characters but meh…I like the fact that I don’t like them irl and also don’t like them in Lovelink, way to keep things real lol

The only one I keep talking to and let’s see where It goes is Blake, he seems like a lot of fun and he’s kind of sexy, I like that the convos with him are spicy from the beggining, also FOR NOW his story seems really natural like with Angel/Emmalyn


hope jade will come back soon or that can match with someone else that have not yet,there are a few girls that can not match with yet that want to & don’t know if its just that there story lines are with those that are away or there just not finished yet to be able to match with. or both

Oh yes, i miss him too. Badly :frowning: it was a short one, but kind of intense


Hands off Emmalyn she’s mine :laughing:.

That’s why I’m chatting with Angel :rofl: :heart_eyes:

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In that case I forgive you.

way do I mostly get linked with female when I only talk with males

Just honestly wishing Jade had the option to stay with me than leave for my safety I don’t mind playing hero, worried for her. hope the dev’s update content soon

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