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Lovelink Player Problems ;)

All of my matches are now offline, so I looked at my RL husband and said, “All of my boyfriends are gone. What am I going to do now?” My dear husband said, “I don’t know. Tell the writers they’re good at sucking you into the story.”
Anyone else attached to their virtual boyfriend/girlfriend. And geez, I really want the dullahan to be around all year round, even though I know he’s a seasonal match.


I have more of an emotional attachment to my virtual girlfriends than I ever had to some of my real-life girlfriends.

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I often reply “Talking to my Boyfriend/Girlfriend” when asked what I’m up to on my phone.

Grew up reading and never stopped so I get sucked into the story and the world it creates. The characters become real people and evoke real emotion. Without all the ugliness of the real world.

My partner asks me what’s going on in whatever land I’m currently immersed in. Finds the Lovelink jokes as comical as I do. :rofl:

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If only I could find someone who’s like a mix of Fei, Bex, Felicia, Jade and Sage

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Same thing for me :blush:
Like I mentioned before my top two favorites are Jonathan and Jamie.
I know, they’ve already made their appearance this year and it’s selfish of me to wait for their return while other characters haven’t been updated since last year but still… I just can’t help hoping.
Besides Jonathan kinda hinted he might be back later this year to take MC to his hometown for an autumn festival soooooo…
It’s almost November already and giving that I live not that far from Maine I’d say it’s getting late and too cold for festivals :pensive::pleading_face:

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Oh and a bit off-topic. Totally saw a guy once, Who was wearing a t-shirt with Ludia’s logo :smirk::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Guys, I googled Lydia’s office. Guess what? It’s just half an hour walk from my place!
Sooooo :blush: Should I drop by with cookies to bribe our dear writers in continuing my favorite stories? :laughing::wink:

P.S. Sorry for rambling and spamming with my chaotic thoughts here but I’ve just stumbled upon a comment that would be a perfect response to the original message here

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This is true. I know I cry and get mopey when a book ends or a favorite character in a book dies or even gets hurt. Games like Lovelink really do play on our neuroreceptors in a way that we feel rewarded from the stories and this allows us to form connections with them. So it’s no surprise that we all have favorites and characters that we are more attached to than others.