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Lovelink shoulda add Are U sure option

I’ve to be careful everytime I use the app because so won’t accidentally click on gem options that I don’t want …but today was tryin to click on emoji and accidentally spent on a picture that I didn’t want to spend on …does anyone else has this issue of accidental spendin’?


Yes, this happened with a picture once I didn’t wanna spend gems. So I agree with you it needs a confirm button.

Yes! I accidentally chose a boost and lost 300 gems! :sob:

yes, it happened with me, i tried to click on emoji and loss the gem

For me it wasn’t for gems, I wish they had it for matching too or opening the app and being told you have a crush. I had to reset my game because it matched me with Antoine when I wanted Nina and it didn’t ask me if I’m sure I wanted to open a conversation.