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Lovelink Story Ideas [Updated]

While on my break last night, I was thinking of some ideas about how Ludia could continue some of the character’s stories:

I have a feeling by the end of their story that they’re going to propose to the MC, similar to what Antonie/Nina/Noah did.

I know their story has finished, but I’d love them to come back so the MC can move to Alaska with them and help set up and run the animal welfare centre.
Also, this may seem weird for a guy to say, but I really want to plan Nina and the MC’s wedding.

Bex Michel
I want to learn more about her mysterious past and have the MC run away and become a carnie with her.
UPDATE: Bex says she’ll let you know when the circus is in town next, and one of the responses is ‘Maybe there’s a spring fling in our future.’ I want that spring fling!

Clementine/Grace’s parent(s) (most likely her dad) see the error in their ways and realise that they were in the wrong, and so they visit her and apologises for their behaviour, and tell her that they love her.

I’d don’t have a solid idea. But there should be some time-travelling adventure with them as The Doctor, and the MC as their companion.

Felicia and Jamie/Julia/Seth:
Seen as both their stories involve OZO, I’d love to see a crossover in their stories.

Estefania’s body was never found, so I doubt this is the last we’ve seen of her. I predict something supernatural is going on. And the Anti-Magical Organisation from Emerson/Sage/Vitoria’s story returns but this time, we’ll be working with them instead of against them

I personally am curious about how Susan knows about Franz/Ingrid considering reading Ingrid/Franz’s story they aren’t too famous unless they do end up famous like Liam/Min Jae.

And back to Susan that was a jaw dropping cliffhanger.

Even the smallest artists/bands have a fan base. Not forgetting that Susan is from a parallel dimension, and she says Franz has 100 million fans on Instagram, making them vastly more popular in her dimension than in our dimension.

And yes, that cliffhanger OMG!!! :scream:

What was the cliffhanger? I’ve forgotten it already.

That’s the trouble with the long breaks, you just forget and then lose interest.

As for the Grace/Clementine thing. If to their parents ever admit to their own duchery, it won’t be before the new roommate gets his sleazy paws on her.

She got trapped outside the space station door after making a repair

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I’m wondering if Dr Vile had something to do with Brett O’hara being trapped outside and the various alerts happening on the ISS.
In Viles story, he steals some tools from the ISS and then steals the hadron collider (i think?). Potentially his use of the collider on the moon could interfere with the ISS and perhaps cause it to jump into the MC’s dimension.

@anon80974864 I’m looking forward to Clementine’s return, but just thinking about her slimeball of a roommate feels me with rage. :rage:
If they were to write Clementine/Grace’s parents apologising into the story, I reckon it would make a good subplot, and they could weave it into the main storyline.

@Mmnz I haven’t played Dr Vile’s storyline, so I have no clue about his story, but there is no way he’d be able to steal the Large Hadron Collider even in a work of fiction; it would be impossible. He could, however, steal the plans and build his own on the Moon. And even to build a small particle accelerator on the moon would be a near-impossible feat, let alone one the size of the LHC. :smiley:

It was the hadron collider

Clementine discover the MC is correct about the roomie being into her and that resolves itself and I agree about her parents forgiving her with MC help.

Jade: Comes back for help stopping the stalker. Then she sees life when not being a cam girl

Aesha: MC helps her balance life between streaming and living it

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I don’t even remember reading that! :flushed:

Dementia at 23… I’m screwed! :laughing::laughing:

She’s one of the better characters some are really boring

I reckon you’re right. Earlier in the story, I remember Clementine says he’s one of her good friends who’s always there for her when she needs them. So if nothing has happened between them before Clementine and the MC matched, now that she’s and the MC are dating, I doubt anything significant will happen.