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Lovelink's 1 year anniversary coming up soon

Who would you like to see have their story finished/ or new characters released in their second year?

Ludia’s handling of updating this game has been poor overall. I’d want them to focus all their effort on finishing the stories of every launch character before continuing to work on newer ones or release any more characters. The ones that spring to my mind are Angel, Clementine, Capt. Muffin, Dahlia, Kayla, Samantha.

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Wyatt, William, Daniel and Stefan as well that havent been updated in 2021

Adam, Austin, Garrett, Brett, Dr. Vile, Seth and Cpt. Muffin.

I have three active matches and every other one is offline for a while…

Every possible match with the exception of the Holiday characters. As much as I like new characters I’d rather that huge offline list see more activity.

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