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Lovely when you get

Opposition with mainly range and you, all melee, has happened 2 of last 3 fights. My opponent, and I’m referencing fairly even in power matchups, sits back and tees off on my team of melee characters.

Why can’t the random generator atleast provide some balance of melee and range characters, 1 range anyway. Otherwise, provide a concede button.

Perhaps because its random. :wink:


Well with all the tool extra movement etc for melee it really not an issue like it used to be.

Only melee that doesn’t have any ressource to close the gap is nayeli

Would be awesome if you could take my spot and I theirs and you could show me that tactical brilliance👻

I’d LOVE that.

I have found like many glitches, the random generator gets caught up in loops. The reason for losing and winning streaks.

Tommus raika naomlen Joppa all have extra move they also have some kind of restore to remove any roots effect

Raika naomlen and Joppa have access to pull too

@Khmer, I agree, the RNG used is WoW does not seem to be the greatest. However, it affects us all the same.

I also agree with @Krom 's assessment of Melee heroes,

Perhaps you have ascended beyond the true capability of your heroes. This may explain why you are struggling of late. For example, my trophy count is a few hundred lower than yours despite my heroes being better equipped. (Unfortunately I am experiencing a endless leaderboard loading glitch which is preventing me from precisely comparing our counts.) I have a slight advantage in most Battle Mode matches which makes my current leaderboard placement quite comfortable. Perhaps you may find the app more relaxing and enjoyable if you descend a few rungs on the ladder.

Thanks again Warrior staff for a another forced loss…

If Silverhand wasn’t tough enough on its own.