Loving the bannings Ludia


Apparently since Ludia lied about banning people the cheaters have come back in droves. Before today I had faced exactly one cheater in the last week. (And by cheater im talking someone who has a level 25 trex, trykosaurus, indominus, indoraptor and erlidominus for example.)
Today just trying to get my incubators I have played against and been slaughtered by 5 different people with teams that seem absolutely impossible. Bans need to happen now Ludia. If you can’t even follow through with this I see no reason to continue giving you my money.

Ban in Effect?
Ban Wave Happening Now?
Enjoy the Cheater Free Environment

Hey @Joshhodg

I know everyone is anxious about the impending bans. There will be a communication for the Community Managers shortly.


Yeah it is definitely a problem at the moment…


the date given was not for bans, as i understand it. it was a deadline to admit what you’d done so you DIDN’T get banned, just reset. Am I right on this @J.C ?


Thanks. Even a small post like yours means a lot, seriously.


i’ve been involved in games like this where this very situation has arisen. They have to first deal with all the communications of people admitting it, then they have to investigate the ones the system says may have had suspicious activity, and determine if it was a glitch in the GPS on the phone, or a genuine cheat. Banning is a very serious punishment, and they have to be sure before they do it.

I’m certain it’ll happen, people. You just gotta be patient.


@ CARDISpilot1971 correct this was the self-report deadline


Thank you for the replies. It is greatly appreciated.


Very anxious to hear about this. Thank you for the communication. Keep up the great work!


Glad to hear some communication but I completely agree with the OP. It was always gonna happen that spoofer activity would increase if it hadn’t been followed through.


They see me spoofing
They hating.

Still waiting on my ban people hahahahahahah you’ll never find me.


They never did stop the spoofing in PoGo as I am reminded as I peek over my cubical wall at work and see the PoGo game playing all by itself on my neighbors phone. Of course he is at max level.

  1. Ludia announce process of self reporting.
  2. Ludia announce window closed.
    (we are probably here)
  3. Cheats get banned.
  4. Trophies reset to 3500. Prizes. Season 1 starts.

We will notice step 4. Can’t assume step 3 didn’t go how we’d like until step 4.


The moderator replied days ago the community manager will announce shortly…Days ago…
Till now we don’t hear a single word.
Either they have no clue what they need to do, or they cannot handle the spoofers at all.
But one thing for sure, if they had openly indicated to deal with spoofers and don’t take any action soon, there will be more spoofers into the game…


Seems the bans/resets are being handed out right this minute!

Great work, Ludia!


Only 26 people now with 5k trophies :joy: so many bans


Loving it already won a few battles and back to 205. Been ignoring the arenas for awhile, now it’s time to come back :grin:


But only for 24 hrs. Then they comes back in full force.


Come back only for 24hrs? :smiley:

Somebody on other thread mentioned this is just a 24hr ban. No idea on what would happen to those players in long term.


They started banning! I’m ranked now! lol Only 450 but I’ll take it. :smiley: