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Loving the "highest trophy counts towards reward change"

I desperately need the anky AND I just cant stomach the current arena anymore. So glad you made this change thank you! And with no decay. Now I can take a 28 day break and come back when 1.9 ships (I’m guessing first tues in Sept) along with what I hope are major fixes to your game.


I tried really hard to stay hopeful, and to be positive- I even started a nice thread of questions for you so you dont have to deal with direct human interaction.

Still nothing.

Anyway, only reason I’m even still here is cause my wife loves dinos, and she loves the game still (she doesn’t play in arena, maybe that’s why).

Very happy I’ve not spent any money since last year on this game.

Sorry for the negative post.


Sadly, we knew that they wouldn’t respond to the questions topic, because Ludia doesn’t know how to communicate with their playerbase.

They want our money, that’s it. Screw everything else.

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You mean you didn’t buy all maxed boosts? :smile:

Anyways, we all have gone on and on about issues for a while, even months. No absolute changes. I just hope for real changes in 1.9 and trying to hold on, love the game far too much. For each time I get ratted, I lose another piece of hope I have. And you know that’s going to happen 9/10 matches so the battle 12 times daily challenge really beats me down.


This… just too funny :joy: