Loving the new Spell Books!

Just wanted to say thank you on a nice addition to the game. The books allowing for increased Xp,Gold,reduced chest timers and free access to dungeons have been great. Keep’m coming :slight_smile:


They really are a good addition. For players who find that they don’t have enough gold or gems to do things I like that the free events give them a chance to get more without paying. Personally the added XP is great for me since I don’t need the rewards so it makes grinding more bearable. That said, I have two questions that hopefully Support (@Ned) could weigh in on…

  1. Can we rely on a patter of these such as one of each a week or rotating one per day?

  2. Any update on when Joppa will be available?



@PrestonSJ, I agree 100%.

I am willing to criticize the developers where its due, but I find the spell books to be a fantastic addition to the game. To use American slang, they hit a Home Run.


I hereby bestow the Orloch Seal of Approval for the new Spell Books.


I’m all 12’s and 13’s. I’ll take every book and scrap of paper I can get ahold of :wink:

Hey everyone, thank you for the feedback for this!

@gpinsky1313, no information at the moment :sweat_smile:.