Loving this game


I wanted a game to encourage me to walk around outside, as I am a lazy bum and like to play games. So I looked for a game to be able to walk around outside. Originally, I was going to play Pokemon Go, as I had no idea about this game. That game is kind of boring though, I can’t get into it, just walking around and hope you catch the thing you threw the ball at. It gets frustrating.

But then scrolled through FB on my phone and saw an advertisement for this game. I checked it out and was like “wait! This does the same thing PG does.” I started it up, it’s way more fun. Getting dinosaur DNA isn’t rng and then there are the battles you can send your dinos to do.

I laugh and squeal when I pin my opponent in a corner that they cannot get out of, which is kind of their fault, hehe. Sometimes swapping out dinosaurs can hurt you in the long run, if you don’t do it right. I learned that from experience. I like when I have one of my raptors on hand because if my opponent keeps swapping out dinos and they all get damaged enough, my raptors will make short work of them (unless maybe it is one of those armored ones).

I have issues with the game, like freezes and darts misfiring but it is really fun and I’ve walked around for long periods of time because of this game.


@Velocity You win the “positive post of the day” badge :fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:


What a great post! I love this :+1::+1::+1::clap: we all moan about the game here and there… But we’ve gotta admit, it’s a brilliant game and I too am loving it


The walking part is the best part of this game, also the reason why I play this game, but swapping the dino’s spawnlocations would be nice. I had to work in a different city for a couple of days and it was fun to encounter different dino’s


Totally agree with the walking part. PoGo didn’t motivate me this does. I really look forward to 3pm in the UK. See if there is a battle strike or treasure chest which there often is. Then the days when spawn rates are really good and I just clean up.

Of course there are problems but hey nothing wrong with a positive post.


Me too! <3 I’m not a game person. The only other game I play is Scrabble occasionally, so my family thinks I’ve lost my mind playing this game all the time–but dinosaurs! Thankfully my hubby plays with me, and I’m not bad at it–who knew!? :slight_smile:


Hehe, I try to have a positive outlook when dealing with games, even if there are problems with it. ^^

As long as the company shows they care or there aren’t too many game breaking ones then I’m a happy camper most of the time.

And yeah, I wish they rotated dinos. Maybe not everyday but possibly every week? Or month? Doesn’t matter to me, that sounds like a great idea. It makes sense too, like animals, dinosaurs probably migrated. The herbivores to feed on vegetation and to avoid predators as much as possible and carnivores to chase down the herbivores that are trying to avoid them.


Enjoy your time! Trying out various dinos in arena!
I think my most enjoyable time is before I reached arena 7. After that, game is more about grinding and competition.


That’ll take me a while to get to, as I’m going really slowly, on purpose. I like to prepare myself before going onto the next stage and I would like to have more double digit dinos before I do that.