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Low appearance rate

Hi everyone,

I have been playing the game for a week’s now and really enjoying it, so far lots of dinosaurs in my area and easy to get event dinosaurs (around 3 blue/gold) at all time in my big circle

But since 3rd anniversary update nothing, hardly anything around, and need to walk a lot for the event ones.
In normal time I wouldn’t mind too much but I currently have to self isolate…which sucks already but now I’m also missing on the anniversary event

So my question is am I the only experiencing lower pop rate?


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This is due to bad spawn rates and rng not being on your side. I do wish you could customize the supply drops. Maybe having a separate button on the right that has a pencil on it that gives the option of the supply drop becoming either an event supply drop or a selection of today’s towers. Though event supply drops could also still spawn in, and those can’t be edited. Also this can only be once a day, and you can’t add new supply drops.

Thank you for your response,

I’ve only been playing for few weeks only and did not notice event dinosaurs where popping by Event supply drops which you are right I have none in my area during this event, when I always had some for the previous ones
Kinda sucks haha

Issue is solved I believe post can be locked