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Low battery costing me crucial mods and prize wheel

So Is it just me or do y’all get hit with the “low battery” in the worst time during pvp or tournaments? It seems like ever since they’ve put the mods in, every time I do the pvp with the mods I’m almost about to win, and then a low battery pops up on my phone and then gives me a connection error. I am completely frustrated with it! The mods cost more than enough as is, and with the cool down times of the Dinos I just wanna scream at Ludia. It has happens to me almost everyday during the worst times possible and just kicks me out of the game. Just wondering if I was the only one this gets the best of.

It used to happen to me a lot, then they fixed it at some point, and now it has gone back to the disconnections issue yes it is a pain.

I away look out before playing

Are the modded fights anywhere near worth it? Even if I buy up the cheapest mods, it costs plenty and the reward is like… a gallanimus and a couple thousand coins.

I have hardly bothered because the reward for winning is rubbish and not worth half the cost of the mods themselves.

I would say it depends, if you are in the beginning stages of the game I would think your resources could be better spent on the standard PvP. But the PvE MOD events are a great way to build up resources from the packs you can win.

The prize wheel looks pretty interesting to me, but at the same time the cost of the mods are insane and I find myself hardly doing them because I hate spending 20 million coins just to get a couple crappy mods. I’m not even gonna waste my cash on them.

I don’t find them worthwhile.

It was hard to keep track of how much the boosters cost, since we earned them by increments of different currency. For all I know, they were as expensive as MODs (though I doubt it). One thing about boosters, though, was you didn’t lose them if you didn’t use them. So they were definitely cheaper in that you didn’t automatically use them just by going into the arena.

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