Low dinosaur spawn rates


After the big update, there are 2 x fewer dinos in my neighbor. They are far away from each other and I don’t get close radius spawns anymore. There are only drop dinosaurs that I can see. Very demotivation situation :frowning:

Spawn rates: decreased?

Yup, came here to say the same thing! There’s a lot less spawns and a lot less variety, yes you get the occasional random rare or epic spawn but generally it’s been the same two Dino’s spawned constantly for me and they are few and far between. I read something from Ludia saying that the dinosaurs like to hang out around the supply drops, well that isn’t the case for me unfortunately regardless of if I’m stationary or not!


I have noticed less neighborhood dinos as well after the latest update. I use to be able to take the dogs for a walk at night and encounter Velos but none since the update. Instead what I do find are dinos that have no use in the meta - like dilophosaurus gen 2 and monolophosaurus gen 2. why so many carcass dinos. Someone wrote that with the update we will encounter more blue and gold dinos but not in my area. Kinda boring walking the dogs at night now.


This is the common outlook from my apartment complex. Lots of supply drops yet the same dinos.


Same it has made going out & running around far less exciting, I’m seeing the same 3-4 dinos over & over & over again. It feels like a drastic reduction in spawns, this being said I wonder if this promotes leveling the dinos for example a lot of the common ones we see are used to make hybrid dinos so they might be tossing them all over so you can actually level one up & then turn it into a hybrid.


I was feeling this today. Saw an empty map for about 4 blocks. I restarted the game and a bunch popped-up. Hope this helps.


Yeah, getting the same here for the last few days. Empty map with maybe one or two dinos at the periphery, or just really slow respawn rates at spawn points.

Can we please make it go back to normal? Is that too much to ask?


I had plenty following the update but since then they have slowly faded away. They don’t even seem to be spawning around supply drops any more and when they do it is always the same ones.


Right, so the title is pretty simple… last week we got the update and for a few days everyone was buzzing with so many spawns everywhere: “woohoo!” And now, monday comes around and there is close to nothing out in the streets lol what is the deal, were spawn rates decreased again? Was out for 2 hours just now and got 3 rares and just a few commons were around (mainly stegos)… doesnt seem right given that during the weekend i went out for 2 hours (in the same places as today) and got at least triple the rares and a few epics, along with more common dinos…
I like going out to hunt, but it absolutely kills the fun when there is close to nothing to catch DNA from