Low level dinos hitting harder than level 5


The battle mode really makes no sense. The tool tip says losing too many battles make stronger dinos.

I put my level 5 and 4s dinos vs level 1s and 2s dinos

And there low levels are hitting 500… 700… and crit 1000 while my theoretically stronger ones are hitting 200 and 300…


Nothing is “theoretically” stronger unless it’s of the same or comparable type.

If your team consists of level 4-5 sauropods then a team of level 1-2 theropods is going to do a substantial amount of damage more, by numbers.

Herbivores generally don’t hit as hard as carnivores. Instead they make up for it with any combination of the following: higher HP pool, armor (damage reduction), speed, and/or utility moves to affect the match in their favor. It’s your job to look at them and determine what’s best for you and what you’re fighting, AND to go and collect some harder-hitting carnivores to supplement your team’s damage output.