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Low Level Guide for 5 Step Epic Kingdom Strike


Hey All,

Here’s the Metahub low-level guide for the 5 step Kingdom Strike today. Hopefully this helps people with dino levels in that 15ish range to beat this thing!

All counters mentioned in the article are Epic or below, so hopefully you’ll have something in the toolkit to use to beat this thing!


Thankyou @MNBrian!!!

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Awesome guide @MNBrian! I had just completed the Strike event, and Brachiosaurus did indeed catch me off guard with its speed and critical damage. How were everyone else’s battles?

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I just finished it and I’ll be honest, this had me on edge for the whole time. My highest level dino is 19, so I had to rely on an underleveled team the whole way.

Imma say what Metahub might say: Heavy hitters and Bleeders! Indominus Rex, Allisinosaurus, Suchotator, Dimodactylus, Pyrritator, etc.

Brachiosaurus and Rexy are constant with this tower. Since they’re both Epic, it’s hard to know who’ll come out first. With my (bad) luck, Rexy comes out first when I be ready for Brachi, so prepare for anything. Lucky for me, I didn’t get critted by Rexy’s or Brachi’s Rampages, only their DSI and Superiority Strike respectively.

While Indominus Rex is a good choice for fighting Brachi, I must warn you - if you use Cloak, beware of Bellow. Every time I use Cloak for a big hit, Brachi plays the smart card and uses Bellow for that shield. If you get a crit past it, then great, but you won’t be able to one shot it anymore. I suggest you use a higher leveled Allisino for her, since she’s slower than the suropod anyway.

Blue can be defeated by Indom; a Cloaked Rampage will get her super close to death, if not completely wreck her life when her shields are up. But a dino like Allisino or Rexy would be much better for the task.

Suchotator is amazing for Brachi and Rexy. Pair her up with Dimodactylus, and you got a bloody combo that’ll take either one out in 2 turns or less. Just be careful of the crit chance.

There will be steps where you have to face Rexy and Brachi by themselves. With that case, get at least two dinos that bleed, whether it’s a swap in, or just part of their moveset.

If you pull out Sucho when Rexy comes out, do this order: LW --> ID. Then you switch to a swap in bleeder to finish Rexy off. Whether or not the replacement dies won’t matter, so long as you have Sucho live long enough to begin a bleed session for Brachi. Then you use another bleeder (preferably a switch in bleeder) for her.

If Brachi comes out first, do this order: LW --> SS --> ID. That way, you’ll always be faster, and have a higher chance for survival. Remember, Brachi has that crit chance like Rexy with that 30%, so always take it into account.

For Indoraptor, I used Stegod, because if the bot was as predictable as we think, then the bulk is necessary for the first leg of the race. Indo uses CI, and I use Thagomizer. Rampage him, and hope you live. If not, then pull out Indom to finish him off and begin to worry about Brachi or Blue.

… Wow… Sorry for the huge text wall… I was just so excited that I finished it without super high leveled dinos, that I wanted to share my insight with you all, so you guys can reap this good Epic incubator.


Just messing around … sorry in advance for it being painfully long


Thanks for the video @Hersh. Needed more data for: Help! AI Data Collection For Epic 30s on Sunday (Indo/Stygi/Blue)

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Thanks @Hersh, I got to finish my popcorn this time :smile:

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I did 4/5 on this event, but school got in the way… missed it by 5 mins. Darn.