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Low level mortem strategies?

Need help, wanna do a mortem raid for the first time, but I don’t have many good creatures for it.

Also, I leveled my irritator to 15, these are just old screenshots

with out a carry strat, i don’t think you got anything quite high enough yet. Irritator may work, but getting the hp high enough to even RNG the raid will require boosts. (4178 to survive a full attack crit.)

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Yikes, alright thanks. Yesterday I heard Pierre talking about a level 22 inostherium strat? Is that on this site?

With some luck you can do do it with your tryo in the tuora/tryo/tenrex/maxi.

You’d need a big attack tenrex and maxi and a good tuora and tryo would need to survive to R2T1 (and then subsequently die) but it could be done

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U can go check out ProC’s vids, he’s got lots of crazy carry strats for mortem some that may help, or check out the topic with a link to a raid strat website, You would just need friends or alliance mates with good dinos for the raids


I got a strat for you u would probs need to level Indo g2 to at least 17 though

As long as you can find a 20 irritator, a big max, and a big turo, all you need is marsupial lion. Even a level 6 will work

Does that work often? How big toura is needed?

The lowest we went was a 16 poukai but don’t remember the rest, the one we usualy use is a 17 indo g2, tho it requires an insane tuo and maxima and a decent dilo

Decently big. Same with max if it wants to take a full rampage. As long as irritator doesn’t die turn1 of round 1 and 2 and marsupial lion doesn’t get hit by cleansing shattering strike, you’re good

Oh alrighty thanks!

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ok there is that one i have done it before it does work but the supports team was pretty damn big

oh and lets not forget this little treasure

i,m dying to try that out :stuck_out_tongue: