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Low level players

Any one will take in a “new” level player into their alliance

Would you like to join our alliance, raptorshuffle?

Do you wanna join my alliance and join the discord We get silver 2 or gold 1 every week and do very well in the champoinship


Please take care of him. He is a good player to have. He lost his previous account so is restarting.


Any more alliance
I will be starting of from level 1

here’s my plan
1 I will get a new account
2 I will tell you my username
3 you add me in
4 I will play until level 10 and if I like your alliance I will stay if I don’t really like it can I leave if you are OK with it
And can you send me pictures of
Alliance tournament level
Alliance weekly incubator
Request rates
Player level (1and 50)

And can I join before 1st june

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if you don’t have an alliance yet. Join us. MyVeryWaitJurassicfes leader arme84 # 1337

It’s OK now I can’t even play the dam game as I have the SSL error