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Low optimisation in achievement list

When you open an achievement list, it loads about 5-7 seconds. You can see that first, it shows 100/100 achievement, but then it loads 300+. It takes too long and freezes all the game. After that everything works very slow.


The whole game became extremely laggy. More than ever.
(It was laggy since a few updates but now it gets rudiculous)
Everything seems to load slower and slower.


What I don’t understand is why the finished achievements cannot be hidden. Then the list is so much shorter and shouldn’t take so much time to load.
But overall laggyness of the game is pretty bad since 2.5. It’s a known issue though, they’re working on it.


Same here, it’s super annoying because when I want to claim daily mission rewards or alliance missions it has to open on the achievement tab first which results in the game immediately crashing. It does this a few times before it seems to magically right itself and lets me go into the other tabs. What used to take me about a minute now takes about 5+

Don’t get me started on trying to actually collect the achievement awards lol