Low ranking PvP balance


I’ve been liking JW Alive quite a bit, as a fan of Pokemon, Pokemon Go, as well as the Jurassic franchise. I have come to notice some balance issues in the lower ranks of battles though. In particular, I feel like Velociraptor is an incredibly dominant force in that meta. Where many hybrids are not available except the odd Einiosuchus and the like, there aren’t many things that can stand up well to Velociraptor at all. Leading with it almost always guarantees at least 1 if not 2 kills, and this is a big problem when the game is First to 3.

I think the issue comes from a combination of A) it having the highest speed in the game bar none, B) its very respectable Attack stat, and C) Pounce now reducing the damage dealt by the opponent. Because of these, Velociraptor is pretty much guaranteed to Pounce something for 200% damage, survive the hit, and Strike them for another 100%. This is enough to kill anything lacking large amounts of armor. This also often leads to the next opposing dinosaur being Pounced as well, effectively removing 1 and a half, to 2 dinosaurs from any game. If played right it can debilitate entire teams, especially if they are unfortunate enough to not get something heavily armored, or their own Velociraptor, in their lineup.

I think the best fix for this is to increase the cooldown for Pounce to 2, so that it can’t just do this every other turn. That will make it easier to switch into, preventing it from getting in a clean sweep so easily. It will force the raptor in question to switch in and out more, which will also compound the weakness of its low HP.

I find it really odd that Majunga and Einiosaurus are so weak by comparison to Velociraptor who, simply due to its speed, could very well be useful through the higher ranks as well.

Raptors are Ridiculously Powerful

This is a topic I’ve seen come up a lot. If you go into a battle without Velociraptor on your team hopes are already low. I’m in higher level three battle arena currently and in all the battles I’ve done, I very rarely come across a team sans Velociraptor.

It’s just far too OP right now. I think at this point people only like it if it’s on their own team. I took it out of my lineup but only for a very short amount of time because of how frustrating it had become.


I’m currently sitting in the mid-range of Badlands (2334) and without my Raptor I definitely wouldn’t have made it here. To top it off, I’ve now built my team purely around those Dino’s with the highest speed - which in some cases are just common Dino’s. The speed factor in itself it stupid OP given it’s 2-3 hits to kill most Dinos, so getting that 1st attack in is a massive advantage… now if it was 4-5 hits then the speed factor wouldn’t be so significant!


Just begun playing few days ago and I still sit in first arena, but noticed that Stegosaurus is quite a decent counter option to raptor, thanks to Thagomizer move. It has enough HP to survive initial Pounce (unless crit happens, but that’s rare), and Thagomizer is the raptor punisher, thanks to speed reduction and heavy damage. Teams build around that move and utilising armor could be decent option aganist speed meta.


Yes, speed is definitely OP. Speed should define your CHANCE of going first not guarantee. Say every point of speed over 100 gives a 1% chance to go first. The game autorolls until one side wins. Then you reroll every round so winning round one is no guarantee.

Also have found that the Wuerhosaurus just wrecks raptors with it’s auto first defense ability as everyone leads with pounce. I have run into raptors heavy teams and killed 2 of them before losing my Wuerhosaurus. Though I admit this is not a perfect solution as it is a rare dino.


Wuerhosaurus is definitely strong against raptors but in the several days I’ve had the game I have only even seen them about twice at a distance and was unable to create one yet. Stegosaurus is the best common counter to Velociraptor from what I have seen but the problem is that it can be played around, either by switching immediately or Pouncing it, tanking the Thagomizer and then switching something into its Strike.


I never use a raptor and i win pretty consistantly, even against raptor/utahraptor teams. Just need to switch out more and have stun/speed reducing dinos on your team.

This isnt to say raptors dont need a balance pr whatever, just think people need to be more tactical during battles

Im only into 2nd arena, but i feel my team is fairly balance, leaning towards armor and speed/stuns with 2 or 3 heavy hitters with armor pen/shield break moves


I hear ya on the raptor; that thing is OP as hell. And coming from someone that owns a raptor, I find it such a pain when it’s not there. Granted I have won without it, but I’m still trapped in the first arena, still trying to get a grasp on how the dinos tick. Though I have to give points to the snarky cleverness behind it: decrease attack to make up for low hp, super high speed to make up for bad defense (or armor)…just given how the raptors function it makes a lot of sense, but its OP nature could be nerfed a bit. Hell in a battle with my Velociraptor versys that Tany-raptor, mine won…and to me the Tany seemed more vicious.


I also agree, the raptor is very over powered for a common. I have had my team of level 7 and 8 rares decimated by a level 5 raptor.
My Wuerhosaurus is the only thing that works great as a counter. I see the raptor so often I am always happy to see my Wuerhosaurus in my line up and save it for when someone pulls a raptor out.


It’s really bad on my end, I have been put against ppl with maxxed out Epic/Rare dinos. U would think training ground would be strickly for ppl with lowbie beasts… but it’s not so it’s easy wins for anyone with high end beasts… almost reminds me of WoW PVP zone were u can “camp” and keep getting easy kills


Seeing level 25 epic and unique so early in the game, having spent quite a bit myself, means something is seriously wrong.


I just barely started playing. So still in the first arena, never used a raptor and have fought against raptors. Never had an issue, or thought they were overpowered. Have done like 15-20 battles too.


I know raptors are OP but having to fight by random makes it okay for me.


I am now at 874 medals, winning about 2 out of 3 games, and while raptors are definitly a bit too strong, there are multiple ways to counter them.
You actually don’t need Wuerhosaurus, normal Stegosaurus is enough to decimate them. Just start with Thagomizer. Stego has enough HP and armor to survive Pounce from 2-3 levels higher Raptor, and Pounce dmg debuff applies only to your Thagomizer, so Raptor will remain at about 50% HP… but since Thagomizer also slows him down, you attack first next round, and that means you will finish him off with no problems with Strike, and Stego will remain at about 50% HP. OR you will force swap, and that gives you up to 400-500 dmg dealt for free to the next dino.
Suprisingly, Euoplocephalus is very decent raptor destroyer too. Just level this guy up a bit, and he will be MONSTER. Having him at level 11, I am rolling over level 6-8 raptors without any problems if I get this guy in team (got a lot of DNA from lucky 12h incubator, but he’s very common in wild, so it’s not that hard to level him up). You just start with Vurnability Strike, and then do Impact next round. Pretty much as effective as Stego with Thagomizer, and you will remain with over 50% hp, which is usually enough to kill next dino too if opponent doesn’t field something with Armor Bypass.
Apatosaurus seems to be very decent option too after some level ups, due to insane HP and Decelerating Impact. He’s hardest to get of all 3 listed here, at least in my area, but is also worth noticing. It’s pretty much Stegosaurus with no armor, but much more HP, and tactic is pretty much the same.
Last but not least, Einiasuchus is sometimes usefull as last chance pick. It takes a while to get it (you need level 5 Einasaurus and Nundasuchus + about 300 DNA on each to unlock him), but it’s bulky enough to survive Pounce (if isn’t critical hit) and payback with Ferocious Strike, and then survive normal Strike and finish off with normal attack, if fielded aganist same level raptor.


I’m in the 2400’s now and am still coming across the same problems. I’ll get wiped by an otherwise evenly matched team simply because their Velociraptor is a level higher than mine, or because I didn’t get mine at all. I can tell you why the things you listed don’t work.

Euoplo can take a hit but can’t dish it out. You can Pounce it, lose maybe a third of your health, and switch in anything else to clean up at little risk of damage. Einiasuchus is consistently 2-shot by Velociraptor. Even if you buff your attack, you won’t kill it without previous damage. Your only real chance is to eat the Pounce and try to stun the raptor, which will not usually work out.

Stego is able to put a stop to a Velociraptor sweep. But here’s the problem: it can’t do it without a free switch-in. So you either need to be running like Ouranosaurus (2-shot by Velociraptor with a 1 turn delay on Impact and Run) or to let Velociraptor kill something. The problem with that, is that the raptor can Pounce Stego, eat the Thagomizer, and switch something else in on subsequent Strikes. You have now lost a minimum of 1 and a half dinosaurs, or about half the game, with nothing that you could have done on your part. Leading with Stego is the only fix for this, and that’s assuming they lead with their raptor. If they save it for later, you’re forfeiting your counter to it early on.

Wuerhosaurus seems like the best Stegosaur in the game in general due to armor and speed while also having its attack debuff move but it’s also probably the best thing to wall a raptor with. It’s important to not be predicted or you’ll be eating a Pounce regardless, though.