Low Users Dragons Rise Of Berk forum

Looking at the forum of the rise of berk we note that recent posts are few as opposed to jurassic world (always here on ludia). I do not know if this means that even the game itself only a few users. I believe that after a while a game becomes monotonous but that sometimes a motono game can continue to be beautiful thanks to the interaction with other players. Jurassic world it seems to me that weeks ago I read that it had like clans (you can find alliance recruitments in the appropriate category on this forum for Jurassic world). Also if we think of the most popular games that have lasted longer many give the possibility to the players to interact (and on YouTube they have had more space than single player games [of which there are only videos on the hacks] {even the same dragon l rise of berk has little gameplay on youtube and lots of videos to hack it}). Here on the rise of berk I had read about some who didn’t want the tribe in previous posts for months because they liked single player more. Also being able to interact with other players can help find hackers as anyone who meets someone bragging about hacks may report it.
What do you think the low user base in the forum of the rise of berk depends on?

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I, for one, do not want a game that I have to interact with another player. I check the forum occasionally but rarely post. There are a lot of people who feel the same.


There’s lots of users of the forums, and we see activity over on the subreddit for it, and are nearing 3000 users there and nearly 1500 users of the Discord.

Obviously it’s not an official place, but some prefer the Discord over a forum, so maybe they use that instead.

Unfortunately on here, it’s just under “Other Games” so has lower visibility than the JW games for example. Maybe as it moves up more in users and income with the Dragon Pass, and with Nine Realms there will be increased interest and users.