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Loweing PVP Score on purpose cheating!?

Am I the only person that thinks three level 14’s and one level 13 that are fighting someone with a score of 1017 are “sort of” cheating?? (Me) I am all level 9. Yea, I know…it is allowed so it is not cheating. I guess I will lose on purpose until my score is under 200 and slaughter the newer players. NOT

I am sooooo frustrated with coming up against teams with Legendaries – 5 arrow shots!! And the typical Dominate — couple with Counter Attack – No movement or attack for three turns!!!

I have zero Legendaries! And no…strategy does NOT work when one is so outclassed! I guess my options are buy gear…stay out of pvp…or hope the devs see this?!

I know I am on a soapbox about this. However, I do not see why it would be such a challenge to enforce NOT allowing folks BACK INTO LOWER LEVEL arenas once they have hit a certain point.

Well… at least not more than one lower level. I’ve had bad runs, especially after increasing renown and adding a sub-par character to my roster.

I don’t really think it’s cheating. It’s part of the mechanic, and available to everyone. I’d prefer if they didn’t allow it, but, that’s how the game is played, which kind of makes it a valid stratagem.

Hmmm, so the only way I can win is lose 20 in a row…get a way lower score…and beat ill-equiped people? IMHO having folks fighting people 4 to5 levels above someone seems incorrect.

I want to figure out how to screen shot me getting “one shot” three times in a row. Lucky he priest took three hits! :slight_smile:

This sort of situation is known as a “perverse incentive” . Where the structure of events/rewards encourages behaviour that undermine the purpose of benchmarks of progress.

You see it happening in sports like boxing where competitors dehydrate themselves before weigh in to qualify just under the maximum for a weight class.

Currently the Test of Might matchmaking encourages people to lose trophies to prey on weak players. They are highly incentivized to do so in order to reap disproportionate rewards.

The problem, as others have identified, is the use of the game’s trophy count (or Matchmaking Ranking or MMR generally) to set up matches, and how easily MMR is manipulated with little consequence.

Now, as the current system operates, its actually advantageous to the player base. Derank yourself to arena level 1 and you’ll be facing level 1-4 bots and can get the rewards super cheap and easily.

However, if you want “fairness”, the solution would be to find another basis for matchmaking. Things that have been suggested are total character level or renown. This would remove the incentive to artificially deflate trophy count.

I’m personally more than happy with the current system because it offers players a chance for huge rewards with investment of time and strategy. But I can see why others may want it changed.

The PvP arena is way out of whack right now because of the battle event. People had to tank their trophy count to be able to do the event. The ones that did will work their way back up the arenas now and lower level PvP will go back to what it was before the event.

Very well written!

Well I Can say I don’t Cheat, And I’m Still Losing In PVP Big Time???
I Went from like 2200 trophies to under 1900 trophies Now???
Doesn’t bother Me, I’m Just Wondering How It’s Happen?

I also dropped several hundred last night.

It’s probably because all those people that dropped themselves have finished the event and are now going climbing back up.

So, you’re seeing lots of people that should be playing much higher.

You’ll be back where you belong in a day or two.

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Regular PvP s now unplayable. Most of my games are now being abandoned by my foes.
Either the match-up formula for Test of Might needs to be corrected ASAP or PvP needs to be adjusted. It damages the brand to have a part of the game where players are actively losing on an effort to lower thier trophy count.

I had that happen this morning. It was great. Keep it coming high level teams. It’s wrong to be matched up against someone when there characters are four levels higher than yours. Thanks to the tankers for taking a stand against the awful matchmaking alogrithm.

The second negative side effect of this is that the new guild feature, guild leaders use PVP score to decide if someone stays or goes. So if you’re F2P (like me) and suddenly all these whales drop down (rightfully so) to score the best rewards for their time invested, we can’t even compete with those wallet warriors. We get 1 hit. Maybe drag a PVP match out for 3min longer because I want to try to win. Then you get booted from the guild. So suddenly you’re not competing in PVP, or Battle Event or even in a guild, which means no donations… big issue here.

Sorry lower level players. I think I am going to have to tank going forward. Pretty much every team I got matched with during the event today was two to three levels above my lowest character. Everyone is tanking out of the higher levels except the very highest ranked folks.

Now in Test of Might 2, the buy in cost has been converted from diamonds to 600 gold. I thought the new cost would be 50 to 100 gold. This is not an improvement.

Oh, nice. Another test of might.

So, now I can’t trust the arena levels at all. We’ve got teams in the wrong levels because of jinking for Test of Might.

Please, Ludia… have ToM use a separate ladder from PvP.

So, not sure where this puts me. I don’t lose on purpose unless I get some obviously OP opponent, bot or legendary out the whohar player, who I can see early on that I’m going to lose against anyway so want to get it over and done with ASAP. I’m looking at you, stupid ranger-bow (and the incredibly annoying slow spell). My characters are 13/14 even-split and I’m 2713 currently. I ONLY PvP to keep chest timers going and, now, Test of Might for whatever rewards I can get until I run out of free runs.

However, I have also both utterly trashed level 11 teams I’ve been matched with (no remorse) whilst also been utterly wiped out by equal, less or higher level than me groups. I’ve especially noticed in Test of Might that I consistently get teamed up with lower level teams and wipe the floor with them. There’s zero intent on my part to game the system, I’m just not invested enough to seek such ego-boosting intangibles like digital points. So… I don’t know. Am I cheating or just playing?

I just went 1/3, that doesn’t happen when collecting chests… they should at least tie your opponent to your win streak in battle mode (not pvp)… anyway, I’m currently truly and honestly hating this…

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